Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payments does Crispy Clean accept?

Crispy Clean is paid at the time of service. We accept check and cash at this time.

Will I have the same cleaner each time?

Yes, Once you are happy with the housekeeper assigned to you, we will do our best to send your preferred cleaner every time.


Can I have the same day and time every time?

Yes. Ideally we will work with you and your housekeeper to reach an agreement on an optimal schedule for both of you.

Are you flexible with day and times?

We prefer you set a regular day and time for your service, however, flexibility is available for special occasions.

What is your cancellation policy?

Contact us at least 48hrs+ prior to your scheduled day and time. Let us know if you are skipping service all together or wish to reschedule. Our housekeepers rely on scheduled service to pay the bills. The sooner we know you wish to cancel the easier it will be to provide the housekeeper with a fill-in client to replace that income. If you do not provide 48 hrs notice you will be charged the full cleaning fee for the scheduled service.

Do I have to be home when they are cleaning?

No. Once you are comfortable with your housekeeper you can either be home or away.

 How does Crispy Clean get in if I'm not at home for the first service?

 Crispy Clean will hold keys for service as well as entry codes. These are confidential and only viewed by your housekeeper at the time of service.

What supplies should I have available?

Nothing, Crispy Clean will provide all supplies needed to do the job you hired us for.

Does Crispy Clean travel to outlying areas? 

Yes, Crispy Clean will travel outside the surrounding areas for a special fee. This would be discussed at the time of the estimate.