What To Expect From Crispy Clean!

Traditionally a housekeeper is a person employed to manage all cleaning tasks in an organized and proficient manner. An exceptinal housekeeper is expected to be flexible, competent and experienced in general cleaning duties.
A few of our important traits:

  • punctuality
  • friendliness
  • trustworthy
  • flexible
  • efficient
  • organized 
  • detailed

Do you want your housekeeper to complete tasks he/she may notice that needs to be done even if it's not on your list? For instance : taking out the trash, straightening your dressers or nightstands or refilling your toilet paper.
Crispy Clean suggests you make a list of the tasks you want completed and how often. Be sure to schedule enough time to complete the tasks.

Remember, the first few services will be slower, as the housekeepers familiarize themselves with your house and your cleaning needs.

Also remember each housekeeper has special skills so be sure to ask for any task you may need accomplished. Keep in mind it never hurts to ask what your housekeepers will do!